Monday, July 25, 2011

Pooh and Tigger too!

We planned to take Lucy to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie right when it came out but Andy's work had other ideas. He had a case go to trial, so two of his off days were spent in State court, and the other one I was at work :( I guess it's better late than never, Lucy loved the movie and she sat still for the whole thing just taking it in. For such a busy little bee she sure can sit through a movie. Notice she had to bring her HUGE Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal (she used him as a seat cushion:). Thanks aunt Tiffany for our outfit!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Hard Work Being 2

Still being super lazy around here :)

I gave Lucy a sucker this morning for going to the potty and she went into her play room to eat it. She was being very quite which is unusual for my little busy bee. I peeked in to find she had grabbed her towel from the bathroom, wrapped herself up in it, and fell asleep on the roller coaster. I guess she was really tired because not fighting a nap is unusual around here!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whadda ya have!?

  On the way to visit family on the northside of Atlanta we were all starving and ready to eat.  We decided to christen our daughter as a true Atlanta native and further her Southern education.  We stopped by the original Varisty on North Avenue, an Atlanta landmark since 1928.  Lucy truly enjoyed her cheeseburger, fries and frosted orange (F.O.) and solidified her status as a Southern Belle.

We gave the entire experience two thumbs up!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swim, swim, swim

Lucy has been my little fish this summer. She never wants to be held in the pool. She loves to jump in and give mommy a heart attack! We have been super lazy the past two weeks and have been doing NOTHING  :) You gotta love summer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Day America!

Every year we have such a fun 4th of July, part of the reason is where we live!

Peachtree City was rated #8 for best cities by Money Magazine in 2009

It was also named one of the best Towns for Families in 2011 by Family Circle Magazine.

Our weekend started off on Friday afternoon putting out blankets to hold our spots for the morning parade and evening fireworks. Well I am sure my mom's holiday weekend began a lot sooner putting together all the yummy food and decorations :) My uncle and his family came in from Florida and we had a family Birthday dinner for his two kids (Mellisa and Tucker) on Sunday night.
Monday morning golf carts lined the streets to watch our small town parade, with the high school marching band and gold cart floats.

Lunch was our traditional low country boil, followed by some playtime in the pool and a nap.

It rained a little bit in the afternoon and really cooled things off which was a blessing.
Around six we took the golf carts to the lake to watch the fireworks, eat pizza and enjoy some family time.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Day!

How can you be two already Lucy?! 
We went to White Water on her "happy day" with Marmee, Pappa, Muv, Unk, Aunt Timmy, Evie, and Auntie Erin. Lucy basked in a day full of attention. She played in the "baby area" but also braved going into the bigger kids area and rode many of the slides. She would alternate between, "Momma's turn and Daddy's turn" to take her down the big girl slides. We left the park for a picnic lunch of Chick-fil-a and quickly headed back in for more fun. One of the thing Lucy has been enjoying lately is laying out (she get cold and loves to sun herself!) she is a girl after mommy's heart.  As we were leaving the park for the night Lucy spotted some very large suckers and said, "mommy sucker?" I told her to ask daddy, she walked over to him said, "sucker?, Mouth (points at mouth), Tummy? (rubbing tummy) delicious!" We had her favorite dinner, PIZZ-A and cupcakes and she slept well that night :)  Mommy and Daddy are very blessed to have you in our lives.