Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Love

Life has been busy around here! I have not even made it out to buy a new camera (bad mommy), Anyone has suggestions on a good one? Lucy is fighting another nasty cold, I am trying to clean the new house, and start the process of painting it. We have had 3 offers on the house but I have a bottom line and am not willing to go below it. So needless to say life is stressful. Lucy takes it all in stride even if the poor thing has a constint drip from her nose. She is in LOVE with the Mickey Mouse Club House.I don't let her watch much TV, but it is the only way mommy can take a shower! As soon as she hears Hey, it's Mickey Mouse she could possibly get whip lash from turning to it so quick.

Friday, April 9, 2010

House #2 (for now)

So this house is the reason why we own 2 homes now! It was a foreclosure and its a mess but it has ALOT of potential. From the front it looks like nothing special, however the thing has 7 bedrooms and 4 baths, an in ground pool, 2 car garage upstairs and a boat garage down, over 2 acres, and it's on a pond (yep I typed correctly) and we got it for less alot less than $200,000! FYI: my camera took a spill on Easter so I have been using my dad's spare (note to self get a new camera, his stinks!) Here are just a few pictures.

Front of the house

View from the top deck


View from Lucy's playroom

Living room

Home Sweet Home

Before I can show pictures of the new house I must show the "old" house: come on someone buy it! It has been my project for 5 years and I LOVE IT! Andy and I did all the work ourselves from laying the floor to putting the fence up. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath and here are some pictures of some of my favorite parts.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Down the bunny trail

Happy Easter! We had a great day today. Lucy got some fun and practical items (a tooth brush! Come on mom!) We went to early church service so we could prepare for Easter lunch.

We set up lunch on the outside deck. The tables were covered with white and yellow plastic table clothes from the dollar store on top of that we placed yellow contact paper for a runner. We started growing rye grass about a week ago in aluminium foil and wrapped it with ribbon to use as centerpieces. We used yellow plates and silverware and made bunnies out of white linen napkins. Inside the bunny we put an egg with an Easter Trivia question inside for people to play as they ate.

The kids table had dollar store hats that we embellished with a flower and butterfly. The girls also had boo boo bunnies to hold their eggs in which had stickers for them to play with at the table. Here in Georgia it is HOT! The little girls about melted! We had an Easter egg hunt with bows and little toys (it made it alot easier with all girls!) Lucy had an awesome first Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting ready for the bunny

Today was a good day! We now have two offers on our house! We are waiting for both parties to get back to us with there "best" offer. We close on the new house on Friday and I will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
We went to a tinker bell themed birthday party for Miss Ashyton earlier in the day and had a blast in the bouncy with daddy. But, we had to leave EARLY because daddy had to go to work.

At Lucy's 9 month check up the doctor told me to start working on the sippy cup, she does really well with it.

We had fun setting up for Easter lunch and dying eggs with marmee, pappa, Uncle Adam, Aunt Tiffany and Evelyn. I am finally starting not to be soooo stressed!!! Hoping life will slow down a bit.