Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bouncing Thru Neverland the Birthday Girl

Like I said, Lucy had a blast and that is all that matters! No matter how crazy it made mommy in the process!

Mommy and the Birthday Girl!

Bouncing Thru Neverland (the decorations)

Lucy got her biggest heart’s desire for her birthday; Tinker-fly came and painted her face. I avoided having to deep clean my house this year, Lucy's 2nd Birthday party at the bounce place in town. It was interesting to say the least, we had no control over the time fame (because they told us of no such "schedule" before hand) which made it crazy. Not to mention the primary colors of the place DID NOT go with the pastel colors of the party! Lucy had the BEST time so it was all worth it. I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!
Excuse the set up still going on while the picture were being taken... Like I said the schedule was tight :)
Note to self: if you really decorate for a party, don't do it at a bounce house.

Welcome to Neveland

Table covers

The treat bag tags said:
Thanks for coming to my party.
Having you here was a must
fly, fly, fly with a little faith, trust and pixie dust.

There was a pixie stick attached to the tag.

Monday, June 27, 2011

ARRRR You Ready

Here is the invitation to Lucy's Birthday! It's was a Neverland Jump House Party and we had a blast! I will try to get to posting the pics later on today.

(it's not our address :) I got them off Etsy.

Big Girl

Coming Home from the hospital.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is what 2 looks like!

What Lucy is doing at 2;

You love to have you face painted and ask mommy 20 times a day, "paint face?".  Everytime you have had your face painted they comment on how still you can be.

You still have a super sweet tooth and love all things sweet. You love cupcakes, know where we hide the suckers, and you would eat a popsicle for breakfast if you were allowed to.

You are potty trained and have been for about a month, We are sooo very proud of you.

You can sing a million songs, but your favorite is Some Day My Prince Will Come from Snow White and you just belt that one out.

You also love to dance.  You do a hilarious version of the Yo Gabba Gabba "Freeze Song." 

You love to "color" that usually means you want to draw with a pen.  You also hold the pen like a big girl!

You LOVE Tinker-Fly, Snow White (White for short) and Dora the Explorer.

You favorite movie is Snow White and you love Doc the dwarf.

You do the funniest impression from Dora; you say, "Swiper no swipping, swipper no swipping, oh man."

You are so used to hair bows you ask me for one when there is not one in your hair.

You know the difference between helicopters and airplanes and can spot them in the sky and tell us what they are.

You can count to 10.

You swim with your swim wings and don't like for anyone to help you.  You also like to lay on a towel poolside and catch some rays.

You love to cook in your kitchen and host fabulous tea parties.  You are quite the Southern Belle.

You like to squeeze mommy and daddy together, cheek-to-cheek, and give family hugs.

I think your favorite food is Pee-za, Pee-za, Pee-za.

And everynight you are very picky on what pajamas you wear.  You also say your prayers like a big girl, with your hands together and you bless pretty much everybody in your family.  Your favorite bedtime books, right now, are Mr. Brown Can Moo and The Thinks You Can Think by Dr. Seuss.

You are such a sweet, loving girl and your Mommy and Daddy are very lucky to see all of the wonderful things you do.  We love you very much Lucy Lou.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cinderella Della Circus

Let the Birthday week begin! Friday began the Birthday treats thanks to Muv, with breakfast at the Flying Biscuit and then a show at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Lucy ate lots of sausage and was ready to see Cinderella Della Circus! Lucy loved Stretcho one of the Circus performers and was mesmerized by the talking Elephant, she kept making her elephant sound. She was really fascinated by the evil circus owner, she kept calling her Cruella; not sure where that came from!? The exhibits they have are incredible as well, a lot of Jim Henson's puppets are on display; The original Big bird and Fraggle Rock! Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the theater, so all I have is the gift shop. I guess you will just have to take my word for it ;) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Mr. Wyatt, who is the grandson of a good friend of mine from my days as a flight attendant, turned 2 this past weekend and we celebrated with a Thomas the Train birthday party. It's always hard to believe that Lucy and Wyatt are only two weeks different in age, he is sooooo much bigger than her. This would also explain my lack of blogging, MY BABY WILL BE 2 IN A WEEK AND A HALF! I promised myself I am not going to go crazy with the party :) YEAH RIGHT!!!

Wyatt was not sure about the whole singing thing!

Lucy and Ms. Karen who promised her cake.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Train Your Lucy.

Being outside in the South right now is not always the most pleasant experience, it is HOT, but Peachtree City has a neat outdoor amphitheater that holds a summer movie series and Saturday night they played, How To Train Your Dragon.

The event also had a whole bunch of fun activities for kids before the movie starts. Lucy and Evelyn got their faces painted, watched a magician and ate a LOT of popcorn and M&M's. I told Lucy mid afternoon that I would take her to get her face painted if she used the potty, she asked about every ten minutes if it was time to get painted. The lady doing the face painting  didn't think Lucy would sit still so she gave her two little hearts and sent her on her way, Lucy kept telling me MORE MOMMY! So back in line we went and a funny looking crown was placed on her forehead :( She sat perfectly still for the lady not moving an inch the entire time! REALLY!

Lucy made it through the first 30 minutes of the movie and then was all done and ready to go home. Mommy and daddy were exhausted too!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Pooh Fish

Lucy has made me realize just how fast she is growing up.  She has really accomplished some real challenges this week that just might put her into the "Big Girl" category. 
I had an epiphany earlier about five days ago.  We were having some difficulty with Lucy's short attention span while trying to use the potty.  So, to combat this I placed it in front of the television while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on one morning.  Well, needless to say she sat on the potty until she made a pee pee.  She proceeded to go another eleven times that day.  The next day we got the same results and she poo pooed!  We made sure to have a special prize or candy around for her accomplishments. 
We also opened the pool recently and Lucy loves to swim.  She is quite the daredevil and loves to jump off the side into her Daddy's arms.  So we decided to try some swim wings.  The girl loves them and now refuses to be touched in the water.  She has begun to learn how to move her arms, kick her legs, and hold her nose to go under the water.

She has grown leaps and bounds this week from now telling us when she needs to go to the potty to jumping off the stairs into the water on her own.  I almost want to tell her to slow down a little bit so we don't miss anything.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Boom Boom

Lucy is obsessed with getting her face painted ever since the Memorial Day festivities and thanks to Marme she now knows where I hide the paint! She brings me paint and a brush every ten minutes and asks for me to paint her face; that's great and all, but all I can muster is a crooked heart :) I guess she doesn't know the difference yet. She was a very happy girl at the Memorial Day Celebration our town hosted , she rode a pony, had her face painted, shared a long conversation :) with Evelyn and a snowcone. After a very fun, but hot morning she came home for a nap and to be cleaned up, we ate dinner and went and watched "boom" as Lucy calls it (otherwise known as fireworks). Lucy entertained the kids around us with bubbles and her tree climbing skills for the two hours before the fireworks. We were very thankful for a fun day, but we are even more thankful to The United States Military for all they do (especially Unk Stan who is stationed in Afghanistan right now).

The booms were kinda loud!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parks Picnic

My mom has 8 brothers and sisters, I don't know how my grandma did it!!!!The family only had one bathroom growing up (they all love to tell that story :). The last day of our trip we had a family reunion picnic. Six of my moms brothers and sisters were there along with countless cousins. I love having such a big family, there is always someone your age to play with!

All the younger cousins

Lucy learned how to hula-hoop from my uncle

Little Tristian turned one

It was a fun but LONG day