Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have been changing out the munchkins closet with a little help from her the past few days. She loves to put on all of her winter hats and she especially loves her mittens. I know it won't be cold here for awhile but i couldn't help myself, all of her winter stuff is soo cute!

I went to Aunt Pitty Pat's Porch is Atlanta for a friends Birthday dinner last night. I was still so full this morning it was ridiculous. I had pork roast in peanut sauce over sweet potatoes and apples :) If you have never been I HIGHLY recommend it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Monkey

We found Lucy's new faviorte thing. The bouncy place. She has no fear. As soon as we walked in the door all I heard was, "dowwwwn". She quickly learned how to get in and out of the different areas by opening and closing the nets. She LOVED the slide, she liked the toddler slide, but she LOVVVED the big slide, she would have gone down head first if I would have let her. She liked all the other kids, the fact she was the tinniest thing there did not stop her, when another kid knocked her down she just giggled. Our only crying moment was leaving. I have a feeling they will see us quite a bit!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toy Time

So mommy passed both tests, super excited! Lucy has been great to let me study she has been playing with all her toys. She just now started to really go into her playroom and play with everything. I usually turn on music(Disney soundtracks) and let her make a mess. Here are some of her current favorite toys:

Her birthday cake. She can blow out the candles.

Her farm. She can say a lot of the animal sounds. Her new ones are, monkey, cow, duck, owl, and dog.

Books, need I say more.

She loves to sing her favorites are, If your happy and you know it and the ittsy bittsy spider.

And her horse.

She is also a BIG hat girl if you have not noticed! She will put anything on her head and I mean anything!

Silly Nilly

Lucy has this new face that she makes when she is excited/mad (she will do it on command most of the time too). It is sooooo funny, she throws her hands out and pushes her head back and the little face she makes is hysterical! Here is her making it on different occasions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Super Bowl of Shopping

This morning we were the people we hated last year. Yes we cut in line BIG time. My wonderful mother-in-law got in line for the large toy shed at 8am we hopped in line with her at 8:54, yes that is 6 minutes before the consignment sale opened :)My friend Bobbi Leigh, and her son Wyatt spent Monday night with us. We had fun eating pizza, talking and letting the babies play! It's amazing to see the difference between Wyatt and Lucy who are only a week apart in age, Wyatt is in the 97% and Lucy is in the 7% so there size difference is incredible. My mom watched both babies while we shopped on Tuesday.

Here is Wyatt in the bath with Lucy.

Lucy's faviorte thing lately is to brush her teeth. She knows she gets her tooth brush after her bath so as soon as I put her in the tub she signs all done, which really means, I want my toothbrush!

Here is all of Lucy's stuff from the sale. My faviorte items are the minnie mouse car and the apple outfit with matching hat. I tried to stay within a clothing budget because my faviorte clothing sale is coming up (Boutique Repeats in Peachtree City)

On a side note: Thursday was one of my best friends in the entire world Erin's big 30. We had dinner at the Melting Pot (Yummy). I have been on the search for the perfect gift for her, I ended up getting a bunch of small things. I found the COOLEST necklaces. If you know me you know I'm frugal, the actual necklace is $30 but it has a magnet in the center to change out these discs that are $3. It's like you have a brand new necklace for only three bucks. SO COOL. Here is there website.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I don't think I have ever studied this hard and I have a college degree! This stuff is HARD!!! I think I took the real estate thing a little too lightly coming in and now it has come to bite me on the butt. The June class finished a month ago, out of 32 students, only 12 have passed both tests as of yesterday. I am taking the cram class this weekend and plan on taking the 1st test on Thursday. Lucy has had a summer cold this week which has put a damper on my studying and Georgia's biggest consignment sale is on Tuesday :)
On a sad note we went to Arros's funeral on Friday. It was a very nice service with just about every police department in the state of Georgia being represented. Lucy was a mess I had to take her outside to walk around so I had to miss most of the actual service but it was nice to be there in support. Below is a picture of Lucy and Andy before the service.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot days

We went to the Carl Miller Park in Newnan today. This park is amazing! It has three separate play areas each with their own pavilion and water fountains. Lucy took a minute to warm up but once she realized she would not melt in the water she had a blast! There was a little girl there with a cabbage patch kid and Lucy kept trying, and sometimes successfully stealing it (a little embarrassing for momma).

Happy girl!

Note to self: My child shares great unless there is a baby doll involved!
Holding the contraband.

She loves her bike.

I put a hat of her before we left and I took it off to get in the car she pitched a fit and had to have it put back on. She is a mess.

On a side note can you tell I am ready for Fall!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a dog

You say I'm "Just a Dog" then why would it be,
if you spell my name backwards god is what you see
I have many jobs, one is protecting your life
or making sure your family's safe
when that prowler is out at night
I would chase down any man who hurt someone,
I would protect you with my life until my job is done
I search for drugs in many different places,
I can pick them out of anything
even though they come in many different phases
I can sniff out a bomb that might be in your child's school,
I would risk being blown up to make sure
your child comes home to you
If you're hurt in the woods or just lost and scared
I will search as long as it takes
to make sure your life is spared
I am loyal to my master for they are first in my eyes,
I will always stand beside them
for we are partners till I die
Of all these jobs that I do,
my most important is protecting you,
protecting your life with the risk of losing mine
even though I have never met you
So after all these things that you read,
tell me when you look into my eyes is
"Just a Dog" all you see?
-author unknown

One of the dogs Andy trains with died in the line of duty this week. He was apprehending four buglers that had run when his handler tried to pull them over. He caught two of the suspects when he passed out. He went into cardiac arrest (it's been in the upper 90's this week) He died being life flighted to the nearest vet. I am thankful to Maik for keeping Andy safe and I am very thankful for all 3 of our dogs this week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A very merry unbirthday

Happy 30th Birthday to my sister-in-law Tiffany! She wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme and she sure did get it! (We might be in picture overload!)

The sidewalk to the front door.

The front entrance: The sign on the door says, Rabbit hole this way.
The "vine" is a garden hose. It's amazing what you can do with tissue paper and florist wire!

We set up the appetizers and Italian soda bar inside, the soda bar was a BIG hit!

The main food was on the back deck. The table was first laid with white table cloths, next was placed black and white checked runners, spade place mats were next with a giant card to finish it off.

The kids dinners came in White Rabbit bags and they had fruit cups with Cheshire cat smiles.

We had coloring inside for the kids. Crocket outside for the adults and chess inside.

My uncle drove from Ohio to make the cake and it was spectacular!