Saturday, January 29, 2011

He Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea

We went to a fun birthday party for Miss Lory who turned 4 today. The theme was Sponge Bob and Lory's mommy Amara went all out!

The cake and food were yummy(and so cute)!

We played; crab, crab, lobster (duck, duck, goose) Musical crabs, a bounce house and put the jelly fish in the net. The kids (and adults) had fun.

High Flyer

Lucy has taken a mommy and me class at the gym called, diaper-dare-devils since she turned one. She really loves the class, but with 6 kids running around to say she gets distracted easily is an understatement :) Her favorite activities are the bars and rings, followed closely by the balance beam. The teacher uses plastic stars and smiley faces to get the kids to stand  in one spot, (as most of the pictures show) Lucy likes to pick up the star/face and run to the other end of the gym with it (mommy gets a REALLY good workout for 30min on Saturday morning!) I think most of the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Play Time

Lucy got her flu booster shot today, Andy and I were so proud of her she cried for .5 seconds and told the nurse "all done" in sign language haha then waved bye to her as soon as Andy picked her up off the table!

It was a nice day for February (about 52 degrees) so we went outside for a bit to play with bubbles.

Lucy's new favorite activity is dress up:). Here's how it goes, she brings me a dress, I put it on her, 5 minutes later she wants it off because she can't walk, repeat that about 200 times a day. She loves to put the whole outfit on with shoes, necklace and hat (I wonder where she learned that?!) I guess I have been dressing her up for a year and a half.

The other activity that fills our day is playing house. She loves to make food in her kitchen and have tea parties (she mostly serves chips haha or muffins). On a side note I am LOVING the felt food on Esty I have got to get her some (they have a whole chicken and a lobster boil)!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lights, Camera, Nap Time

We decided to go out on a limb today and take Lucy to her first movie, it's not often a Disney princess movies is playing.  We figured everyone would be back in school and at work so it wouldn't be so crowded should a melt down occur.  Tangled was playing at our favorite theater and we opted for the first show of the day.  This would give us time for Lucy to have lunch and a nap so she would be in a good mood (or so we thought).  Lucy, however, proved again that you just can't mess with her schedule.  She wouldn't go down for her normal nap yet she was obviously tired.  Andy decided to just go without the nap and if she fell asleep in the movie, well, we would just get some quiet time.  The key was now to keep her awake in the car.  We put on Barney and figured this would do it.  Boy were we wrong because a short ways down the road she was out.  So we carried on and made it into the theater.  At least this part of the plan worked because there was only one other person in the theater.  Lucy napped through the previews and about fifteen minutes of the movie.  She woke up happy, cuddly and hungry for "corn."  She never took her eyes off of the screen and danced in her seat with the characters.  She even covered her own eyes on a scary part, but made sure to pat my back to let me know everything was okay.  She was such a good sport the entire time and we all really enjoyed her first movie!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well you would think that a natural disaster of epic proportions happened here in Georgia by the state of Wal-Mart’s bread aisle. Yesterday, when we went grocery shopping, they were out of bread and eggs! Come on people! I spent the last two days trying to CLEAN (and when I say clean, I mean CLEAN) and I finally finished around 2am this morning. I get the most done after Lucy goes to sleep. Needless to say, we were both very tired this morning. Lucy was an angel because she slept until 9:30am (this is like a lunar eclipse type event for our little schedule keeper). However, as soon as she got up the first words out of her mouth were “Park.” Her suggestion proved problematic as the catastrophe forecasted at Wal-Mart had occurred overnight. Yes, that’s right Georgian Kryptonite (a.k.a. snow/ice) had covered our driveway. So we cozied up by the fire with a cup of coffee and Playhouse Disney and enjoyed each other all day long!
First Lucy went down for her normal nap and slept well while we prepared for some afternoon fun. Chili was on the menu for lunch. While I prepared lunch Andy dug out some items for us to do some sledding on. Lucy woke up and we bundled up and went outside for some sledding. Now this is Georgia, we don’t have a proper sled on stand- by for such occasions, so we improvised and used an inflatable baby pool. This didn’t hinder Lucy’s enjoyment a single bit. She yelled, “Wheee” and “More” every time we stopped. We went back inside to warm up. My sous chef and I made some pumpkin bread to cap things off. I don’t think the ice is going anywhere anytime soon. Just how many things can you make out of bread and eggs?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Till Next Time

Sunday was our last day :( Originally we had planned on spending the day at the Animal Kingdom but we decided most of the girls favorite things were at The Magic Kingdom. We ate at Donald's Safari breakfast at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom and left the Park before 9am. (Yes, I am the dork who pin trades:)

We headed over to the Magic Kingdom and did the things we thought Lucy liked the most. It was COLD that day (I think the high was 48) so we started off inside with Tinkerbell and guess what, Lucy fell asleep in line, again :) Andy and I patiently waited at the front of the line and let people go in front of us for an hour till sleeping beauty woke up. Next, we headed to Winnie the Pooh and as we were exiting the ride little Miss told me with sign language EAT so we found somewhere warm and got her lunch.  The parade started at 3pm and we ended our week in the parks with the Christmas parade and dinner with Cinderella at 1900 Parkfare and guess what,  Lucy fell asleep while we were eating!
She had a busy week!