Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deck the Halls

I love to decorate and Christmas is no exception. Our Christmas tree theme used to be black bears when we were in college and first married I actually tried to go with things my husband liked! However, now a wide variety of birds have slowly roosted in our tree. Last year my husband came home to find new birds types on the tree almost every week. The tree now consists of what he calls Jamaican birds (they are red and yellow) and attack birds which are life size cardinals. The bears are still on there just kind of hidden by the swarm in the back! Lucy's tree is a new addition this year it took me a week to get it looking at least a little like what I wanted. It has crystals, silver and pink balls and feathers in it. I bought 3 different toppers for it and finally went with a star that I bought to go in her chandelier. The front of the house ended up being an explosion of bows. Andy was on patrol the night I put them out and he called asking if the bows had spawned like rabbits. Every year we always cut out paper snowflakes by the dozen that we put up in all of the windows, hopefully this will still be a fun tradition when Lucy is older. Overall, our house embodies the Christmas spirit I hope (at least until Andy has to take it all down!).


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