Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

It was a nice to be celebrating something happy this week! I turned 28. I started off the weekend going to the new furniture store in Atlanta called the Dump (funny name I know). We were not impressed. It was mostly high end furniture at high end prices, not exactly the discount place they are advertising. We then went to the Ballard outlet store, it was really cool and I got alot of great ideas. We also looked at some of the big fabric warehouse in the industrial part of Atlanta. Why all this home shopping you ask, I will post on Friday Andy does not want me to "jinx" it.

On Sunday we went to my mom and dad's for lunch. My mom made a low country boil which is my favorite. Yummy. Lucy got some play time in with her toys. Andy's mom took us out for dinner that night for Italian.

Monday was my actual birthday. In the morning I went shopping with my mom, sister-in-law and niece at Charming Charlies and Ulta. Then we went to Monkey Joe's to let Miss Evelyn blow off some steam. Red Robbin was next on the list. We had a new server who took FOREVER! Lucy choked on her new favorite food, french fries. Lucy now will eat anything, she gets so mad if you are eating and she is not! She chows down on chicken nuggets, yogurt, oatmeal... the list goes on and on, and the kid has no teeth. Next we were off to Lucy's doctor. Happy Birthday to me. Lucy's has had a terrible cold with a nasty, nasty cough. The doctor said there was pretty much nothing they could do. Good times. For dinner we went out with my mom to the Broadway dinner, were they sang to me. All in all I ate my way through a wonderful birthday weekend!


Laura said...

We went to Broadway for Matt's birthday too! I'm glad you had a fun birthday weekend!! I'm sorry Lucy is so sick :( Ansley is very sniffly and sneezy too! When Ashlyn was closer to Lucy's age, we started using the Little Colds Baby Rub (not Vicks). It's the Little Remedies brand. And we used to Vicks plug in vaporizer at night. They made me feel better that I was doing something. And she asks for the vabor rub now when she is sick. I hope she is better soon!

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