Monday, May 3, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Last weekend we went to Washington DC to our niece's, Evie, first birthday party. We flew on buddy passes (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH KAREN!) so we took the 6am flight. It was a very, very early morning. We woke up at three and arrived at the airport at 4am(yuck). Miss Lucy was wide awake and ready to go, she had cheese eggs for breakfast, her new favorite food and enjoyed people watching in the airport. She was very inquisitive when we first sat down, but as soon as the plane started to move she was sound asleep and slept the whole way there; much to the delight of the passengers around us!

On the way back home she was wide awake the ENTIRE flight! I think this is the first time she has really been aware of the airplane window. She LOVED it, and was very well behaved. She talked to the passengers behind us, and continually reminded the passengers in front to keep their chair in the upright position!


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