Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Kanji means family in Japaneses which is fitting because Andy's brothers family visited us for a few days this week. They will be leaving soon to be stationed in Okinawa Japan. We had a wonderful time! The first day they got here was spent swimming and letting the little girls (Lucy and little Evie) play in the playroom. Saturday evening we had a low country boil, we ended up in the garage because of a late afternoon pop up storm.

Dinner was closely followed by a fun bath for both girls given by their daddy's. It's so funny to see both girls in the bath, because although their daddies are brothers they look nothing alike!

(Notice in the background Lucy's toilet is going to be a throne, it's a work in progress)

The next day was more swimming, video games, a little Mickey Mouse and Elmo for the girls and some snuggling with Muv. For dinner we had BBQ and watched the Princess and the Frog on the outdoor screen.


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