Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past weekend Lucy, my mom and I went on a mother daughter trip to Pigeon Forge with my best friend from college (Erin) and her mom. Erin was my "big sister" in Phi Mu's at GC&SU. God really blessed me when he put the two of us together! She is always calm and keeps me in check :) She does a lot of dirty work behind the scenes for me and is there to laugh with me (or at me) when things get crazy. The day before Lucy's 1st birthday party all the big white party tents we had set up in the back yard got blown into the lake. (Yep, I can laugh about it now) Erin was the one with a level head who looked at my mom and me and told us to calm down :)  She is also Lucy's God mother. Whenever I get to spend time with her I jump on it.  She lives about an hour away from me, so my mom and I rode to her house and we all piled into her car and drove up to the mountains, listening to Disney music the whole way.  Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Apple Barn and then did some outlet shopping, it was really crowded and I had a hard time getting the stroller into most of the stores.

We went back to the hotel took a nap and ended the day by having dinner at the Old Mill.
Andy and I ate there for our anniversary in 2009, this is Lucy and I then she has changed so much!

Sunday we headed over to Gaintlinburg and ate breakfast at the Pancake house  and did some more shopping (see a theme). We were very tired by the time we made in back to the room and had pizza ordered in for dinner.


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