Saturday, November 13, 2010

Santa Southern Style

Never a dull moment!!! We have been home all week working on crafts and projects (and reading books, playing kitchen,doll house, doing laundry and dishes etc...) Most of the craft projects are not complete yet so I will hold off on talking about them till they are done :) Next week we are going (Lucy, Mom and I) on a weekend girls trip with my best friend from college (and my "Big Sister" from Phi Mu) and her mom to Gatlinburg. I am so excited to spend some quality time with these ladies they make me smile and Erin is always so encouraging with whatever is going on in my life, and goodness knows I need that right now! Back in June, Erin told me for Christmas she wanted to get Lucy an American Girl, it was one of her favorite things when she was a growing up and she wants Lucy to experience it too. So on Monday we are going to  to the American Girl Store to pick one out! We have decided on the Bitty baby, Evelyn has one and Lucy is in love with it. Being the planner I am, I  started buying clearance clothes for Lucy's baby. Disney is getting rid of their My Disney Girl and coming out with a new line of dolls so they had all the clothes marked 50% off and I got some great deals in Downtown Disney. I picked up a Snow White, and Minnie dress for the doll.

I have also started working on Lucy advent calender for Christmas. Anyone have any suggestions for small toys to place in it?

The girls had their Santa pictures today. We did the traditional smocked outfit on Santa's lap (Lucy was deathly scared of him and called MAMA the entire time:( I hope she got some good pictures, we don't go and look at them till next week. After both girls had traditional pictures done we went a little crazy and had a tea party with Santa! Both girls changed into white dresses with pearl, gloves and hats and feed Santa cookies while he wore a pink boa and drank tea (Very southern!)We will see how the pictures turned out! Here is the hat we made for the tea party.


Ashley said...

Ok.... Those dresses are too cute! ;)

Sarah said...

I think I have more fun picking stuff out for Disney than she has playing with it!!!!!!

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