Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The sun will come out tommorow

So I am finally getting my sea legs at work. The first two weeks I kept thinking to myself, WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MY SELF INTO, I can't do this!!!! Almost two months have passed and I am happy to say I no longer feel like that everyday. It's a stressful job but I like it, and we are happy to have our flight benefits back.
Well on to a few things little miss has been up to. We went and saw Annie and the Fox, Lucy Lu loved it!!!!! The people in front of us might not of loved it as much, because Lucy sang and the top of her lungs when songs came on that she knew. We ate dinner before at the Varsity and Lucy ordered her favorite food right now hot dogs.
This next week we are going to Disney world for my 30th birthday but I promise to start posting more.


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