Monday, June 18, 2012

Grinning Grinning Ghosts

So what would you best guess as to Lucy's favorite ride at Disney this time be?.... It's a Small World, Peterpan, Figment maybe, even possibly Nemo?! Nope, The Haunted Mansion, yep I typed that right! We got off, she wanted to get right back on.

We spent 5 wonderful days at Disney World and one night at The Nickelodeon Hotel.
The first day was spent swimming at Nick, shopping at Downtown Disney, and eating at the T-Rex restaurant one of Lucy's particular favorite things.  I think between Andy and I we walked around the restaurant 6 times letting Lucy see all the animals and touch them.

The next day we checked into the Caribbean Beach hotel and headed off for Epcot and dinner with the princess's. Lucy's most enjoyable moments were with the characters, she loved meeting everyone and especially having lunch with some of her favorite people.

Hollywood Studio's was next and  Beauty and the Beast reigned supreme here; Lucy cried when she had to leave the show. Lunch was a big hit and June from the Little Einsteins had to return her to our table after she chased her down :)

Day four was the Magic Kingdom, what can I say she had a blast and the Haunted Manson the best thing since sliced bread, she enjoyed meeting Rapunzel and seeing the parade as well.

The last day was the Animal Kingdom, We had lunch with the Characters and The Lions King Show was her favorite activity that day. She also really like the safari, we went first thing and the animals were really out.

We capped off the trip the last day with breakfast at 1900 Park Fare with Alice and Winnie the Pooh.
She was sad to go but one tired little girl.


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