Friday, April 9, 2010

House #2 (for now)

So this house is the reason why we own 2 homes now! It was a foreclosure and its a mess but it has ALOT of potential. From the front it looks like nothing special, however the thing has 7 bedrooms and 4 baths, an in ground pool, 2 car garage upstairs and a boat garage down, over 2 acres, and it's on a pond (yep I typed correctly) and we got it for less alot less than $200,000! FYI: my camera took a spill on Easter so I have been using my dad's spare (note to self get a new camera, his stinks!) Here are just a few pictures.

Front of the house

View from the top deck


View from Lucy's playroom

Living room


Aunt Joanie said...

looks like a diamond in the rough, be sure to take lots of pictures of your work and better homes and garden has a contest every year for home room makeovers you should enter ! Hope your other house sells fast ! I am happy you finally got this after you had your eye on it for so long .

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