Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting ready for the bunny

Today was a good day! We now have two offers on our house! We are waiting for both parties to get back to us with there "best" offer. We close on the new house on Friday and I will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
We went to a tinker bell themed birthday party for Miss Ashyton earlier in the day and had a blast in the bouncy with daddy. But, we had to leave EARLY because daddy had to go to work.

At Lucy's 9 month check up the doctor told me to start working on the sippy cup, she does really well with it.

We had fun setting up for Easter lunch and dying eggs with marmee, pappa, Uncle Adam, Aunt Tiffany and Evelyn. I am finally starting not to be soooo stressed!!! Hoping life will slow down a bit.


Todd and Courtney said...

Happy Easter Sarah! Lucy is so adorable. Congratulations on the 2 offers on your house!!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I was soooo worried about it since we are about to close on the other one! I hope you guys have an easy move to Dallas!

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