Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lucy is 1!

Lucy actual birthday is not till Friday, but I thought it was getting a little to close to the 4th of July to have her party next weekend so we had the party on the 19th. It was a blast! Everyone knows I am a sucker for a good party! We hosted a carnival in our backyard. We used alot of clown referencing no actual clowns (they are scary) We had their shoes and hats mostly.I hired a professional photographer and her photos won't be in for another week so here are my armature pictures.
Her Cake with a clown hat on top.

Inside the game room. There was bowling, golf, can toss, ring toss, a sucker pull, duck pond, frog game, baseball game and two strikers. The actual booths were wardrobe boxes I cut up and painted white then stripped with red duct tape.

Prizes for the games. I started picking stuff up in January.

"Toddler town" We had alot of children under 3 so I set up a play area for them outside the game booths with carnival related little kids toys, they even had silly carnival mirrors and homemade bubbles!The cotton candy and snow cones were also set up near them.

Lucy loves to play with bubble wrap so I put that out for the kids to walk on.

I made a kissing booth where I cut out lip shapes from foam and people wrote messages to the birthday girl!

Food tents from the deck

Food seating area.

Kids tables were adjustable in height and had homemade "chairs". The chairs were 2 dollar buckets from Walmart, I covered the top in felt and added vinyl circles.

A face painter and balloon artist were set up on the front table.

21 and over striker. The big boys had to hit the bell before they could get beer!

Little people striker.

Food tables YUM!

Pool area

Lucy's throne

I had ALOT of fun putting it together and we had a great time!


Jamie French said...

Linked here from Kelly's Korner. Can't wait to see your next party! Looks great! Thanks for the ideas. :)

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