Friday, September 10, 2010


I saw this on You Tube (I have been on there a little bit can you tell? :)) and it made me think.

I love, "This too shall pass". I have learned that every stage with Lucy brings new challenges and I try NEVER to wish away days, but sometimes it is so hard! I find myself constantly saying she won't be this little forever! I love her and I am so grateful that God let me be her mommy!

What would you tell yourself?


Todd and Courtney said...

The this too shall pass was one of my favorites too. For the clothes sizes, I've been buying 6 months smaller than what she is. For this fall, she has 12-18 months and 18 months to wear. She is just a peanut and not tall at all. I can tell some of the pants lengths will be cutting it close but the 24 months or 18-24 months is way too big. We have such little peanuts :)

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