Monday, September 6, 2010

Garage Sale, BBQ, and a Fair

We had a very busy weekend!
My sister-in law and I set up a garage sale on Friday and Saturday to help out with our Disney fund. I have learned that everything is twice as hard with a one year old! All Lucy wanted to do was climb my parents STEEP driveway and inevitably fall down:( On Friday morning I opened the garage door at 6am to find a man waiting for me! He bought $50 worth of stuff so I am glad I let him in (a little creepy all the same)!

On Sunday night my parents long time neighbor had a cookout. Her two sons both have little girls (there are are 5 little girls under 3 between all of us). It was fun,the girls played with bubbles in the backyard and went for a wagon ride.

On Monday we went to the Powers Crossroad Fair. I am trying to save my money for my favorite consignment sale and The Yellow Daisy Festival next week, so I only ended up purchasing a Halloween bow. Lucy got to take a train ride with Muv and eat a fried sweet potato pie. She also discovered she can climb on top of picnic tables! I got to scope out some of the vendors for the Yellow Daisy as well! We ended the day at Monkey Joe's!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!


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