Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bouncing Thru Neverland (the decorations)

Lucy got her biggest heart’s desire for her birthday; Tinker-fly came and painted her face. I avoided having to deep clean my house this year, Lucy's 2nd Birthday party at the bounce place in town. It was interesting to say the least, we had no control over the time fame (because they told us of no such "schedule" before hand) which made it crazy. Not to mention the primary colors of the place DID NOT go with the pastel colors of the party! Lucy had the BEST time so it was all worth it. I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!
Excuse the set up still going on while the picture were being taken... Like I said the schedule was tight :)
Note to self: if you really decorate for a party, don't do it at a bounce house.

Welcome to Neveland

Table covers

The treat bag tags said:
Thanks for coming to my party.
Having you here was a must
fly, fly, fly with a little faith, trust and pixie dust.

There was a pixie stick attached to the tag.


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