Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Pooh Fish

Lucy has made me realize just how fast she is growing up.  She has really accomplished some real challenges this week that just might put her into the "Big Girl" category. 
I had an epiphany earlier about five days ago.  We were having some difficulty with Lucy's short attention span while trying to use the potty.  So, to combat this I placed it in front of the television while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on one morning.  Well, needless to say she sat on the potty until she made a pee pee.  She proceeded to go another eleven times that day.  The next day we got the same results and she poo pooed!  We made sure to have a special prize or candy around for her accomplishments. 
We also opened the pool recently and Lucy loves to swim.  She is quite the daredevil and loves to jump off the side into her Daddy's arms.  So we decided to try some swim wings.  The girl loves them and now refuses to be touched in the water.  She has begun to learn how to move her arms, kick her legs, and hold her nose to go under the water.

She has grown leaps and bounds this week from now telling us when she needs to go to the potty to jumping off the stairs into the water on her own.  I almost want to tell her to slow down a little bit so we don't miss anything.


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