Friday, August 19, 2011

Open House is going to be fun!

I knew school would be a great experience for Lucy, but I found out just how great when we first stepped into the building. The director of the preschool was standing at the door greeting people and she turned to us and asked, "Hi, what's your name?" Lucy looked right up at her, "My names Lucy, I'm going to school, this is going to be fun!" The director just laughed and smiled at her! We found her room and went inside the teacher bent down to ask her what her name was and she got a little shy, but I was very impressed when she immediately said, "We have baby dolls do you want to play?" Lucy didn't even have time to grab my leg, she answered with a very enthusiastic YES.  More children entered the room and I took Lucy to use the potty before we left for a parent meeting in another room, the teachers were amazed that she was potty trained. She was so comfortable, I wish I could say the same for all the kids! There are 2 girls and 6 boys in her room and some of the boys were having severe separation anxiety. I am excited for Lucy as she starts this new journey!


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