Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Girl

Lucy looked like such a big girl with her Minnie Mouse bookbag on! She insisted on carrying her lunch box as well she said, "heavy momma" when I handed it to her. She walked in the building so proud, but got a little nerves hearing all the other kids crying (and I mean ALL the other kids) Andy looked in after I left and he said she was the ONLY one not crying and screaming bloody murder :( He said they were still crying when he picked her up four hours later! Say a little prayer for Lucy's teachers. Andy arrived a little early to pick her up and got some video of her playing on the playground. The teacher got them all into a line turned her attention to one of the other kids and off Lucy went to slide again, you can hear Andy say, "Teacher, I think you forgot one!" :) My little Miss independent! She kept telling Andy, "babies crying". One of her teachers called later in the afternoon to say what a joy she was and such a smart little girl :)


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