Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Super Bowl of Shopping

This morning we were the people we hated last year. Yes we cut in line BIG time. My wonderful mother-in-law got in line for the large toy shed at 8am we hopped in line with her at 8:54, yes that is 6 minutes before the consignment sale opened :)My friend Bobbi Leigh, and her son Wyatt spent Monday night with us. We had fun eating pizza, talking and letting the babies play! It's amazing to see the difference between Wyatt and Lucy who are only a week apart in age, Wyatt is in the 97% and Lucy is in the 7% so there size difference is incredible. My mom watched both babies while we shopped on Tuesday.

Here is Wyatt in the bath with Lucy.

Lucy's faviorte thing lately is to brush her teeth. She knows she gets her tooth brush after her bath so as soon as I put her in the tub she signs all done, which really means, I want my toothbrush!

Here is all of Lucy's stuff from the sale. My faviorte items are the minnie mouse car and the apple outfit with matching hat. I tried to stay within a clothing budget because my faviorte clothing sale is coming up (Boutique Repeats in Peachtree City)

On a side note: Thursday was one of my best friends in the entire world Erin's big 30. We had dinner at the Melting Pot (Yummy). I have been on the search for the perfect gift for her, I ended up getting a bunch of small things. I found the COOLEST necklaces. If you know me you know I'm frugal, the actual necklace is $30 but it has a magnet in the center to change out these discs that are $3. It's like you have a brand new necklace for only three bucks. SO COOL. Here is there website.


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