Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have been changing out the munchkins closet with a little help from her the past few days. She loves to put on all of her winter hats and she especially loves her mittens. I know it won't be cold here for awhile but i couldn't help myself, all of her winter stuff is soo cute!

I went to Aunt Pitty Pat's Porch is Atlanta for a friends Birthday dinner last night. I was still so full this morning it was ridiculous. I had pork roast in peanut sauce over sweet potatoes and apples :) If you have never been I HIGHLY recommend it.


Todd and Courtney said...

Ive never heard of that restaurant in Atlanta. I'll have to go next time I visit the parentals!

Sarah said...

It is soooo yummy! Courtney, I have been meaning to ask you; Lauren and Lucy are on the same growth curve, should I buy 12 or 18m for Disney/Christmas stuff?

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