Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Monkey

We found Lucy's new faviorte thing. The bouncy place. She has no fear. As soon as we walked in the door all I heard was, "dowwwwn". She quickly learned how to get in and out of the different areas by opening and closing the nets. She LOVED the slide, she liked the toddler slide, but she LOVVVED the big slide, she would have gone down head first if I would have let her. She liked all the other kids, the fact she was the tinniest thing there did not stop her, when another kid knocked her down she just giggled. Our only crying moment was leaving. I have a feeling they will see us quite a bit!


Todd and Courtney said...

I wish we lived closer to each other. That's Lauren's favorite place and climbs up those huge slides by herself. We have fearless girls!

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