Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cinnamon Ornaments

Lucy has been feeling better for the past day or so and my brother Brian is in town before an interview in Miami, so we all got together for dinner and ornament making. We are setting up a small tree in our hotel room on vacation and these ornaments take about a week to dry so it was a great time to make them,  have I mentioned we leave for Disney in about a week! All you do is mix apple sauce and cinnamon together, roll out the dough and then cut them out with cookie cutters, they smell soooo good (and both girls thought they tasted good too). I think Lucy's favorite part was rolling out the dough and then destroying it with her hands :) 


Ashley said...

I've made those ornaments too! They smell so yummy!

P.S.... Lucy definitely has more hair than Hannah ;) I am surprised that Han has as much hair as she does though. My hubby and I were both bald babies lol!

Mommy to Two Pretty Girls said...
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Todd and Courtney said...

I want to go back to Disney! Im so sad we're back :( The breakfast we did was at Disney's Beach Club resort at their Cape May restaurant. We liked it. It was a small group and the breakfast was excellent. I just updated the blog about it today. I CAN NOT wait to read your posts!! I want to go back so bad.

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