Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow that's a big tree

Lucy and I have mostly been packing and doing laundry for the past week, but we took a break from that on Saturday and had lunch with one of our favorite people, Miss Erin. We went to Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta. Andy and I  had planned on going to breakfast with Santa that morning but little bit had an upset tummy so we skipped it and stayed home a bit longer and head into town. Atlantic station is a collection of shops, restaurants, and housing, setup in Midtown, and they have a HUGE Christmas tree.We had a nice lunch at The Cheesecake Cafe.  During lunch Erin gave Lucy her first Christmas present of the year, Bitty Baby! Since then, all day, all I hear is "baby" (besides her other favorite, NO).

Since we are going to be gone next week when Lu turns 18m she had her checkup on Monday. She is Tiny. She is in the .6% for weight at 21 lbs, and is not even on the height chart. As she was examining her all the doctor kept saying was, "she's a very active girl isn't she". It made me feel a little better coming from someone who sees a lot of kids, maybe she really is a handful :)

In Cody's dog bed with baby and her red cowgirl boots :)


Ashley said...

Wow that is a big tree! Lov Lucys red boots!

Mommy to Two Pretty Girls said...

Lucy is tiny! When Ashlyn was little like that was when the doctor told me I had to stop breast feeding cause she was too little :( she was also only a few months old. Did they say everything was fine she's just little? That is what they have decided for the girls. And her little jacket is so cute! Is it gymboree?

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