Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well my camera is broke. Again.

So I have to resort to pictures I already have on the computer.

My second favorite consignment sale was this week and I got some great deals; I outfitted Lucy for most of the spring and summer. We made it a "date" day. Our sweet friends Jay and Heather drove with us, they have a three year old and a 3 week old. We shopped from 9am till 2pm, the guys were real troopers. The lady who checked us out asked how in the world do I get my husband to help, I told her "to him it is a competitive sport!" Tiffany got some great things for Evelyn and Amara was shopping for sweet Lory. We all got lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and were home by 4:30.

This is an outfit I got at the fall/winter sale.

Since I have been trying to put all of Miss's new thing away I thought I would share this tip.
I use lingerie bags to organize Lucy's toys. I don't worry when she puts her whole head in there to dig something out like I would with a plastic bag and they are more durable. They work great to keep little pieces together. It is a bit of an investment to buy them at first but it is worth it.  


Ashley said...

Great tip on the bag! I'm so going to start doing that ;)

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