Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funny Girl

What Lucy is up to:

-She can unscrew the knobs on my kitchen cabinets. She takes them off and brings them to me saying uh-oh.

-She can open "child proof" prescription bottles. Lucky for me I found that out with an empty one.

- She loves to tell me to TOP ("Stop" in Lucy speak). Yes, Miss Attitude will tell me to stop if she does not like something.

- She is VERY picky about her car music, and when a new song comes on she will scream at the top of her lungs NO. I very calmly remind her with every new song it is No Please (Oh yeah...No Feez). Eventually we will find a song she likes.

-"Corn" (Popcorn) is her favorite food and she will ask for it day and night or at any store with a snack bar.

-She loves to have tea parties.

-She loves her babies and almost everything is a baby. Today, she hugged a decorative stone duck at Haverty's that was a "baby."

-She counts to six. However, she cheats and goes, "Two, four, six." She doesn't like odd numbers.

-She is both terrified and very curious about bugs. Any mysterious speck on the carpet could be a bug. First she whines then she has to investigate. She always "finds" one in the bath, mostly its lint.

-She comforts herself by comforting others. If a scary show comes on the TV she will hug Daddy and pat his back while saying, "K"

-Her favorite Disney characters of the moment are "Fooey" a.k.a. Goofy and "Minnie".

-She loves the Little Einstein’s and she likes to fly SUPER-FAST and can Pat/Clap/Pat/Clap.

-However, Barney (sometimes pronounced Marney) is still the ultimate favorite. She has to hug someone when the "I Love You" song comes on.

-She will take her squeaky shoes off and put them on her hands and make them squeak by clapping.

-There's always room for cheese and chips in her little belly.

-She loves cupcakes and every sweet item (cookies, ice cream) is a cupcake. If you give her a choice of what to wear she will pick out her cupcake PJ's. I think her first real word was cupcake.

Mommy and Daddy don't want to forget all the fun things you are doing right now! We love you!


Ashley said...

Oh the Squeaky shoes! How I love them and can also hate them at the same time lol!

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