Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Marmee!

This years Superbowl party was held at our house. The girls had a blast bouncing on the trampoline and playing dress up (and busting a few moves during half time).

My mom's birthday was last week, Mom, Tiffany and I spent the day shopping at the America's Mart and going to lunch. We found a boutique that was going out of business and all of their designer clothes were $5. We saved the cake and presents for last night. I don’t' think I could of eaten anything else, on the menu was taco soup, wings and meatball sliders and of course cake (I won't go into the grape chutney :).

Getting cake while Marmee is not looking!

Lucy's vocabulary has been picking up a lot lately. Her new big thing is calling for HELP. We took her to the playground at McDonalds because it has been raining so much here. She got her leg caught in a net and yelled really loud, HELP STUCK! Although her favorite word is still NO!


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