Friday, April 8, 2011

Barney Live

Barney was super-dee-duper!
Mom and I took Lucy to see Barney's Birthday Bash in downtown Atlanta. We left my moms house and drove to Centennial Olympic Park and had dinner at a great burger stand . They have a spiked Twinkies shake :) mom and I went with the PBJ shake and burgers, Lucy had the chicken fingers, they batter them with hot sauce, kidda weird but Lucy still liked them.

Next we walked over to the main event. I have been telling Lucy she was going to see Barney for about a week now. I think it hit her when she saw all the barney balloons all around the arena. She kept saying "See Barney?"

We had great seats on the floor and Lucy was mesmerized. Her favorite part of the night aside from the popcorn and dancing with Marmee :) was the song about rain being lemon drops. For the past 24 hours all I have heard and seen is her throwing her head back, opening her mouth and saying ahahahaha!


Ashley said...

Well I know she HAD to be the BEST dressed child at Barney Live! LOVE her outfit ;)

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