Monday, April 25, 2011

Mantracker 2011

Many of the Georgia and Alabama law enforcement agencies get together once a year for training and competitions this event is called Mantracker. It was held this past week in Coweta County close to our house. This was Andy and his partner Maik's third year in a row participating. Tuesday and Wednesday classes were held from 7am to 11pm; yes, they were long days for all three of us!

On Thursday they held skill based competitions for the public to come watch.  Lucy and I showed up when Andy was in the bite suit (they take turns) playing the “bad guy” Lucy kept saying "daddy wiggle" Andy had to shake his body to get the dog off him :)  There were 36 dogs Andy and Myke were one of the last ones to go in the first round of the competition. The handler had to get the dog to apprehend (bite) one suspect and stop abruptly when he told the dog not to bite the second person.

Maik did it perfectly and Andy was informed that he was in the top five and would compete for top dog after dinner! We were both very excited.

They have a large BBQ for all the officers and their families and announced that the final dog competition would be held after dinner, there was a VERY large crowd to watch the final 5 dogs. The second part was difficult only 3 of the 5 dogs did it correctly.

The dog started at a marker and a "bad guy" walked out from behind a wooden door the dog was sent to "apprehend" him but a few seconds later was told not to attack that guy! A second guy came out from behind another door and the dog was supposed to "apprehend" him, most of the dog went after the first suspect! Andy and Maik did it perfectly and won Best Patrol Dog of 2011!!!! I am so proud of him!


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