Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Sleepover

Like every other girl in the known universe I have been in love with Prince William since I was ten. I remember getting up at four in the morning to watch princess Diana's funeral and thinking how sad those two boys must be. So I wanted to celebrate this happy occasion in a fun way and decided to have a royal wedding sleepover. I worked till eight so we started a little late but we had a fun evening filled with eating fondue, watching royal wedding coverage and letting the "little princess" watch The Little Mermaid. We set the alarm for four and all crashed on couches and pack-n-plays around midnight. When the alarm went off we were ready for the big show, Lucy was the only munchkin to wake up (however she did manage to wake Evelyn up about an hour later by tickling her!) We enjoyed sipping tea, eating scones and eggs benedict, thanks again Tiffany. We all had a great time talking and speculating as to what she would wear. Everyone agreed he could not have picked a better bride and she could not of picked a better dress... well maybe, but I'm taken :)

I promise Lucy has other PJ's but she has gotten crazy about what she wears to bed and pitches a fit if these are not what I put on her.


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