Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Tired Momma

I have been one tired momma this week.

Lucy is getting 3 new teeth and has been up every 2 hours at night, totally not like the poor thing who is usually a great sleeper.
Cody (our Chihuahua) had surgery 2 weeks ago for some enlarged oil glands (totally harmless, just annoying) and the stitches were "licked" out of the opening on his leg. So to the vet we go only to find out the one on his back is very infected, they give him a shot of antibiotics, three different creams, and put staples into 2 of the 6 openings. Poor, Poor Guy.

And to top it all off my "part time" job has me working 8 days in a row. Need I say more.
Enough with the complaining already!
We went to Miss Ashtyn Birthday party after I got off work on Saturday and had a blast. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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