Thursday, May 5, 2011


Back in another life; know as before Lucy, I was a flight attendant. I guess it's without saying the job comes with a lot of travel :) I have been to 49 states and 11 countries. I have many "favorite" trips but I would have to say my favorite place to visit is Greece, with Paris as a close second. Look out this could be a long post.

In 2006 we spent 10 days in Greece visiting Athens, Mykonos and Santorini during Orthodox Easter. My mom and I flew into Berlin to pick up my brother (he was there studying for his masters) and took a very cheap flight from there to Athens. It's VERY cheap to fly between countries in Europe.

In Athens we stayed at a very nice hotel near the Parthenon and the Planka (a shopping and food area). All the locals were getting ready for the Easter celebrations and on every corner huge spits of lamb were roasting in the streets. From there we left for Mykonos. Okay, don't make fun of me, but it was here I learned that shrimp have heads :) We took a day trip by boat to the ancient island of Delphi some of the oldest artifacts in the world are there, while on the boat we watched a fisherman kill an octopus for a local restraunt to serve for dinner that night.

From Mykonos we headed by fairy to Santorini, the seas were rough and much of the boat got sea sick :(  Santorini is by far my favorite place in the entire world. Our hotel balcony overlooked the caldera of the volcano. While on the island we visited a winery and several beaches. We also went to a local Easter service for the town's Saint and watched them light luminaries (thousands of them) on the side of the mountain, it was breathtaking. I would very much like to take a trip back next year for my 30th birthday (hint, hint Andy).

I also love Paris and London (and Hawaii and Germany and Italy.... I could go on and on) If you have any questions or need recommendations I LOVE to talk about travel!

Outside Edinburgh Castle

London Bridge
Kensington Gardens
Versaille Paris
Lake of Love in Bruges

Naples Pompeii

After the climb up Mount Vesuvius


Alissa:Adventurer said...

Greece is amazing! And Im secretly jealous that you went to Santorini! I went on a Saronic cruise out of Athens to some other islands that were beautiful, but from the pics of Santorini, I just dont know if it can be topped :):)

Sarah said...

Hey Alissa! Which other islands did you visit? We are thinking of going back next year and I would like to do a different island than Mykonos, don't get me wrong it is beautiful but not really my scene.

Danae said...

I was hoping to see some share their experience in Greece! It is next on my to visit list and after reading your post I know it is the right choice. Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

I spent two weeks touring Greece several years ago and I think it will always be a huge highlight for me. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Jordan said...

Wow, you've got to see a lot of really cool places! Jealous! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Jordan! I love being a mom, don't get me wrong, but looking back life was wonderful!

Healthy Branscoms said...

That looks awesome! So what is the one state that you didn't get to go to? :) Great pics! Erin

Bethany said...

I just found your blog via Kelly's Korner and I really enjoyed your travel pictures. My favorite was the view of the porch, is that a little kitty taking a nap in that porch chair? How charming! :)

Sarah said...

Alaska! It's on my list of places to go. Yes that is a cat, The hotel in Santorini had tons of them! They would follow us up the 60 or so stairs to breakfast every morining!

Todd and Courtney said...

Girl we are SO alike. Santorini is also my favorite. Paris comes in second. My FAVORITE place in the US is Alaska. We had the best time there in 97. Like you being a flight attendant a long time ago, being married to a pilot has huge perks :)

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