Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Day at Sea

On Sunday we got the bright idea to go the Georgia Aquarium the following day for a family field trip. Monday morning came and we got up and got everybody ready for the big day out. Miss Lucy wore her sparkley heart shirt, red sweater, and, of course, a big red bow!

We made it to the aquarium around 11 o'clock and walked right in and that is where the fun started. Lucy was amazed by all the lights in the lobby that changed colors constantly. While looking straight up, she would grin from ear to ear enjoying all of the new sights. We started off in the Georgia Explorer section and we thought she might just jump right in with the sting rays and start splashing like it was bathtime.

She also enjoyed the brightly colored starfish and sea urchins. Next we hit the River Scout section where she looked on in amazement at the large waterfall out front.

She enjoyed looking at all of the colorful fish, but she didn't realize that we were separated by a glass wall.

We went through the Coldwater Quest and Tropical Diver sections before lunch and she loved the spider crabs and jellyfish, once she realized that they were there.

We ate a little lunch and Miss Lou had a nap before we watched the Whale Sharks being fed.

At the very end we got to see that the once snuggling and napping otters had also had a little lunch and were out playing. We all loved these guys, the Cody's of the river. All in all it was a great day out and about, spending a fun day with the family!


Anonymous said...

sounds like ya'll had a great time....did Anita get to meet you?
Miss Lucy is soo cute!

Sarah said...

It's that time of year for her again with work... Sad!

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