Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shop til you drop... the thrifty version

Andy has been on vacation all this week!!! At the beginning of the week we had thought about going somewhere but decided we did not want to mess with Lucy's schedule:(. On Monday night we drove up to Andy's mom's house in Gwinnett. I had heard about a really great consignment sale that started early Tuesday morning and I really wanted to go. We had dinner with Andy's mom (aka Muv) at a really great Mexican restaurant and went back to her place to spend the night. Lucy took a bath in her sink and went to bed shortly after that.

The next morning we woke up at about seven. The sale started at nine and I had heard the lines get ridiculous! This sale is so big it takes up two buildings at the Gwinnett County fairgrounds. Kids, strollers, and babies in carriers are not allowed in till after 2 on the first day for their own safety if that tells you anything so Lucy got to spend some quality time with Muv while Andy and I shopped! Andy and I had a plan of attack, we were looking for a wagon so we waited in line for the larger toy building first. It was FREEZING!!! We waited for about 45 min and were about 20th in line. All the women in line were amazed that my husband was with me (he is great isn't he)! We did not get a wagon but, we got some other great deals. Andy kept calling the rocking horse he got Lucy the deal of the day. I would look over at him and he would have his phone out looking up how much the item was retailing for used making sure we were not paying too much!
Next we hit the clothing and small toys. It's easy to go a little crazy when most of the outfits you are buying are 2 dollars (and I went a little crazy!) My favorite thing all day was the Leap Frog baby system with almost every book they make for 20 dollars total. (We went to a sale on Friday here in Peachtree City; I saw the same thing priced for $80 firm. I could not believe the difference in the two sales!) It took us two and half hours in line to check out, but it was totally worth it! Andy's favorite buys were the horse of course, and a set of 20 Baby Einstein videos for $18! Now I am not posting this picture to say hey look what I bought my kid, she is spoiled isn't that great. I am posting this because I got all this stuff DIRT cheap and I am so excited about it, I almost couldn't believe it. I needed to take the picture to preserve the memory!


Todd and Courtney said...

We are JUST alike, I love it! And I looooove that Easter dress in the picture. 90% of Lauren's toys are consignment sale buys and I love it. It's amazing how you can find current toys for so cheap. It's awesome!!

Sarah said...

I know Courtney! If you all are not in Dallas you will have to go to the one in Gwinett it is GREAT! I saw you went to one the other day how was it?

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