Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Days, Warm Hearts

This week Atlanta got a whopping three inches of snow. This was Lucy's first real snow. She enjoyed watching it fall and blinked her pretty blue eyes every time a flake came anywhere near her face. However, this interaction was really just a photo opportunity because she didn't want to have any real contact with the cold, white stuff! She did get to enjoy the fruits of all of this weather, she really enjoyed her first taste of snowcream!

This was also the week of Valentine's Day. Andy and Lucy began their Valentine's Day tradition of going on a date with daddy, this year they went to Build-A-Bear (mommy has to tag along for nutritional reasons for now). Lucy "picked out" a classic brown velvety bear (name to come later) who was then quickly dressed in a pink dress complete with pink shoes and, of course, a bow. She really liked watching the stuffing get tossed around and she was intent on pulling off the bear's bow. We had to stand in line a whopping hour and a half, but Miss Lucy was very interested in all the kids running around her and was the perfect baby the entire time! Then Daddy and Mommy got to go on their third date in almost eight months, dinner alone at Outback, while Lucy spent quality time with Marmee and Poppa.

Lucy has been teething all week so we are hoping to see that first tooth pop up soon!
Despite the frigid days, spending time with the ones you love can really warm your heart!


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