Saturday, February 27, 2010

Under the Sea

Today was a big day, one of my favorite people in the entire world, my niece Evelyn turned 3 We have been working on her party for about a week. Evelyn is in LOVE with the Little Mermaid she carries her Ariel figure with her wherever she goes. The decorating started on Tuesday, we made a boat out of two cardboard boxes and hung streamers all around my brothers apartment, both girls were a big help:).

I think everything turned out great.
We filled the boat with a ball pit and tack-it over and over fish for the kids to move around. We hung streamers from the walls for the under the sea effect and put fish, seaweed and “sea bubbles” on the ceiling.

Evelyn had a custom Ariel outfit on, the leg says Evie + Flounder in a heart.

We had a message in a bottle where people wrote notes to the birthday girl for her to read later.

My sister in law made the cake, it had a real fish in-between the two layers. Evelyn enjoyed eating it!

The food was awesome, all sea themed. The kids had chicken nuggets and individual fish bowls with jello, Swedish fish and a string cheese octopus on top.

Ariel even made an appearance doing magic, face painting, and helped sing happy birthday.
It was a wonderful day and I wish my little munchkin a very Happy Birthday.


Kate Bristow said...

That is awesome! There are some great ideas in those pics - thanks for sharing.

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