Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Radar Love

Sarah and Lucy went to St. Louis this week with Marmee to visit Lucy's Great Grandmother. I have been living the bachelor life for the past two and a half days. Every guys dream, right? No nagging wife to complain about taking the garbage down and no crying baby to change stinky diapers for, just my dogs, beer, and video games. So I keep asking myself, why am I so unhappy? The answer to this has been ever so apparent since my two ladies left the driveway. They are the air, water and sunshine that breathe life into my very existence. I have been truly blessed to have a woman that keeps me on my toes (don't tell her I said this) and makes me a productive member of society AND a beautiful little ray of sunshine that never fails to smile at me when I walk into a room and can remove the weariness of the worst of days. I have never forgotten, but sometimes my memory gets a little groggy and I believe that God has taken these quiet moments the past few days to remind me of this. Today when I was riding around in my truck a song came up that sums up the whole point of this blog entry. It was Golden Earring's Radar Love. I hope that Sarah and Lucy know that, "When I'm lonely and my longing gets too much," I am sending them my love, always.


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