Monday, January 24, 2011

Play Time

Lucy got her flu booster shot today, Andy and I were so proud of her she cried for .5 seconds and told the nurse "all done" in sign language haha then waved bye to her as soon as Andy picked her up off the table!

It was a nice day for February (about 52 degrees) so we went outside for a bit to play with bubbles.

Lucy's new favorite activity is dress up:). Here's how it goes, she brings me a dress, I put it on her, 5 minutes later she wants it off because she can't walk, repeat that about 200 times a day. She loves to put the whole outfit on with shoes, necklace and hat (I wonder where she learned that?!) I guess I have been dressing her up for a year and a half.

The other activity that fills our day is playing house. She loves to make food in her kitchen and have tea parties (she mostly serves chips haha or muffins). On a side note I am LOVING the felt food on Esty I have got to get her some (they have a whole chicken and a lobster boil)!!!!


Mommy to Two Pretty Girls said...

If I ever find an amazing deal on that kitchen set, I will have it! I love love love it. Also Lucy has grown so much and I must see her soon!!

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