Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on the Magic - Part 2

Wednesday was a big day; Lucy got her first hair cut, we had lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table and dinner at California Grill and the parks were really getting crowded. We arrived when the park opened which is best (at least in my opinion). Lucy is in love with Tinkerbelle so we stood in line to meet her and wouldn't you know it the little stinker fell asleep, so after lunch we made a return visit with her awake. Lucy loved the street parade/dance party she really got out there with the characters.

Tonight held a BIG first for mommy I hired my first babysitter! She was the sweetest lady from Kids Nite Out she came to the hotel room while we went to California Grill and watched the fireworks from the restaurants viewing area. She said Lucy fell asleep about 15minutes after she got there!!!! I got to enjoy an adult dinner and Lucy got a full night sleep, well worth it!


Ashley said...

I think I wanna do Hannah's first haircut at MAgic Kingdom too! Such a cute and memorable idea! Did you make all of those outfits? If not, where did you buy them???

Sarah said...

I LOVED Hannah's New Years Eve outfit! She is always dressed soo cute! The haircut was great she even got Mickey ears that say first haircut. A lot of the stuff is off Esty. The Snow White and Cinderella dresses I got for less than $20 and then I had to work on them a bit. I made the Animal Kingdom outfit :) My favorite lady is she sometimes sells on eBay, but her site has such cute stuff and it is WELL MADE!

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