Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lights, Camera, Nap Time

We decided to go out on a limb today and take Lucy to her first movie, it's not often a Disney princess movies is playing.  We figured everyone would be back in school and at work so it wouldn't be so crowded should a melt down occur.  Tangled was playing at our favorite theater and we opted for the first show of the day.  This would give us time for Lucy to have lunch and a nap so she would be in a good mood (or so we thought).  Lucy, however, proved again that you just can't mess with her schedule.  She wouldn't go down for her normal nap yet she was obviously tired.  Andy decided to just go without the nap and if she fell asleep in the movie, well, we would just get some quiet time.  The key was now to keep her awake in the car.  We put on Barney and figured this would do it.  Boy were we wrong because a short ways down the road she was out.  So we carried on and made it into the theater.  At least this part of the plan worked because there was only one other person in the theater.  Lucy napped through the previews and about fifteen minutes of the movie.  She woke up happy, cuddly and hungry for "corn."  She never took her eyes off of the screen and danced in her seat with the characters.  She even covered her own eyes on a scary part, but made sure to pat my back to let me know everything was okay.  She was such a good sport the entire time and we all really enjoyed her first movie!


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