Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well you would think that a natural disaster of epic proportions happened here in Georgia by the state of Wal-Mart’s bread aisle. Yesterday, when we went grocery shopping, they were out of bread and eggs! Come on people! I spent the last two days trying to CLEAN (and when I say clean, I mean CLEAN) and I finally finished around 2am this morning. I get the most done after Lucy goes to sleep. Needless to say, we were both very tired this morning. Lucy was an angel because she slept until 9:30am (this is like a lunar eclipse type event for our little schedule keeper). However, as soon as she got up the first words out of her mouth were “Park.” Her suggestion proved problematic as the catastrophe forecasted at Wal-Mart had occurred overnight. Yes, that’s right Georgian Kryptonite (a.k.a. snow/ice) had covered our driveway. So we cozied up by the fire with a cup of coffee and Playhouse Disney and enjoyed each other all day long!
First Lucy went down for her normal nap and slept well while we prepared for some afternoon fun. Chili was on the menu for lunch. While I prepared lunch Andy dug out some items for us to do some sledding on. Lucy woke up and we bundled up and went outside for some sledding. Now this is Georgia, we don’t have a proper sled on stand- by for such occasions, so we improvised and used an inflatable baby pool. This didn’t hinder Lucy’s enjoyment a single bit. She yelled, “Wheee” and “More” every time we stopped. We went back inside to warm up. My sous chef and I made some pumpkin bread to cap things off. I don’t think the ice is going anywhere anytime soon. Just how many things can you make out of bread and eggs?


Mommy to Two Pretty Girls said...

I need your organization! It doesn't help that I have a tiny house that is full of stuff!

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