Friday, January 7, 2011

Till Next Time

Sunday was our last day :( Originally we had planned on spending the day at the Animal Kingdom but we decided most of the girls favorite things were at The Magic Kingdom. We ate at Donald's Safari breakfast at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom and left the Park before 9am. (Yes, I am the dork who pin trades:)

We headed over to the Magic Kingdom and did the things we thought Lucy liked the most. It was COLD that day (I think the high was 48) so we started off inside with Tinkerbell and guess what, Lucy fell asleep in line, again :) Andy and I patiently waited at the front of the line and let people go in front of us for an hour till sleeping beauty woke up. Next, we headed to Winnie the Pooh and as we were exiting the ride little Miss told me with sign language EAT so we found somewhere warm and got her lunch.  The parade started at 3pm and we ended our week in the parks with the Christmas parade and dinner with Cinderella at 1900 Parkfare and guess what,  Lucy fell asleep while we were eating!
She had a busy week!


Todd and Courtney said...

I loved reading all of these posts. I seriously want to go back tomorrow!! And THANK YOU for taking the time on facebook to vote for my sweet little cousin. She's 3 and excited :)

Ashley said...

WOW so so busy! And looking so cute too ;) Two precious outfits in one day!

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