Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grown Up Time

Well I went and did it... I got a part time job. I was feeling a little guilty because you know what? I actually enjoy it; I like listening to my adult radio for the 15 to 20 minute drive and talking about grown up stuff for a few hours 3 times a week! It's money to fuel my Lucy clothing addiction :) and we now have the money to sign her up for the preschool I really want to send her to next year. Lucy is enjoying her daddy time when I'm not there I don't even think she knows I'm gone she has so much fun with da. Begining renovations on the house is next because guess where the job is... The Home Depot.

 Evelyn turned 4 this past weekend! Her big present was a trampoline. I will post more about that later.

Lucy and a few of her faviorte things.


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