Monday, March 28, 2011

Let the Renovations Begin

For the past year I have not touched our new house; except for the bare minimum it took to move in such as appliances and paint (the house was a foreclosure and it was in ROUGH shape for only being 4 years old). I think I was a little depressed because I had just gotten our old house EXACTLY how I wanted it and to be honest I really didn’t want to move.

However, I decided my New Years Resolution was to snap out of it and start working slowly on this house! Since the house sometimes overwhelms me I thought I would start with the smallest room first, Lucy’s bathroom. Welcome to princess central.

First is the ugly light fixture, I am hoping to remove it and replace it with a chandelier.


What I am hoping for:

The sink and mirror will go in favor of a more regal look.

What is there now:

The style I am looking for:

On the walls I am going to try sponging a slightly darker color over. (but don’t hold your breath the walls may end up white)
Next I am having a very talented painter come in and paint a window with a scene from one of Lucy’s fairytale books.

The shower curtain will be really ornate drapes think velvet people.
And to finish the room off, a throne of a toilet. I want to incorporate a J in there somewhere.

My rough draft in foam board:

I will try to post again before it's done, remember this is all a plan and you know what they say about planning :)

On a side note if you can't tell I renovated my blog as well. The sweetest lady, Tara over at Our Princess in PigTails Designs did it. She is super sweet to work with and does a great job!


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