Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Renovation Ideas

I'm starting to work on the house. My first projects are Lucy's room and bathroom. I know what I want to do in Lucy's room I just need to do it :)
 Next is the living room. The living room is another story.
I'm in love with this sofa. I want to stay with black, red, white/cream, and gold.

I love the framed TV concept I saw in the southern living idea house for over our fireplace. It's behind the wet bar in the "club room".

Here is the room now. Maybe I need to start by getting rid of the kid toys and putting them in her playroom ;)


Aunt Joaine said...

What are you doing in Lucy's room ?

Sarah said...

I just have to set her big girl bed up and paint it white. I'm doing white or blue solid duvet with her monogram in the middle of it. I am hoping to get a castle built for a dress up space and one side will be a vanity :) it's all in my head!

Ashley said...

LOVE it!

Aunt Joanie said...

those ideas you have in your head people will pay big bucks for girl! You have a knack of making things look great

Sarah said...

I love you Aunt Joanie! I need big bucks to do all the things in my head :)

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