Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Play, Laugh, Grow

  Today we had, as of late, a rare day off together.  We wanted to do something fun for Lucy and get her out of the house.  We narrowed it down to the Atlanta Zoo or The Children's Museum.  Mother Nature decided for us so we set out for the Children's Museum.   When we got there we bought tickets and Lucy held out her hand to the cashier for her customary wristband (i.e. Monkey Joe's). 

We started out in the produce area and Lucy had a field day!  She loved to play house and use her imagination with food.  She loved to fill her grocery cart with a very well balanced variety of food, but she always left room for the slices of cake and a cupcake or two. She also really liked the cow and only jumped once when it mooed at her.

We sat down in the kitchen and she put food on everybody's plate (she is such the Southern Belle). 

Then we went fishing in the water area and she enjoyed getting Daddy very wet.  Then we made a "fire" and did some "cooking" in Timbuktu.  She made sure everybody got a taste of her down home cooking! 

We then went for a "boat ride," sat on a camel, and played with the trains. 

Overall, we had a really good day of playing and using our imagination.  We left for home after eating lunch in the CNN Center and stopping by the Virginia Highlands Cupcake Factory for some REAL cupcakes.


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