Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bath time is fun time

We just started letting Lucy sit up in the tub unassisted (mommy and daddy are never more than an arms length away). She loves to play with the new bath toys Santa brought her. Although, I believe that the next big craze in infant bath time toys is going to be a red Dixie cup (she is fascinated by it?). She loves to watch the water run out of the faucet and splash with Daddy. She has become quite good in the past 3 days and she has only fallen once. Her favorite thing by far is to try and "eat" the water! However, she does not seem to realize when her mouth goes in most of her face will too! She has taken her missed steps like quite the little champ, she keeps her eyes closed until one of us dries them off, but never cries. I think she knows that it is all part of the price you pay for some REAL bathtime fun!


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